Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best Shoes Ever

So I bought a pair of shoes I never ever thought I would- FitFlop mukluks. I think Uggs are ugly (even though I have them), so the idea of fake Uggs normally sends shivers down my heart. Or wherever shivers go. Also, I kind of think the idea of FitFlops, Reebok EasyTone etc. is bullshit. I don't really understand what wobble boards are and how they fit in shoe soles and how they magically make butts look perfect. But I'm not buying it.

However. On a freezing, rainy, miserable London afternoon my Mother insisted on buying me some warm boots so I wouldn't catch pneumonia. And I keep seeing FitFlops everywhere here, and they're supposed to have good arch support and improve your posture yada yada. So I bought the chocolate ones. And OMG THEY ARE COMFORTABLE. Like so much more comfortable than Uggs because they somehow rock a bit and actually do make you stand up straight. And I totally feel supported and when you walk up escalators you can actually feel the muscles in your thighs/butt work, but in a good way. So who knows what hocus pocus these guys are working, but I highly recommend them.


  1. I've heard about FitFlops too and it's good to get some real expereince reviews :). Enjoy them!

  2. I have boots similar to those...not quite as cool though. They are sooo warm :)