Friday, December 31, 2010


A lot's happened in a year.
I started 2010 in DC, and I loved being in DC with all of my pals.
I got to explore the city,
experience a Snowpocalypse,
celebrate a good friend's wedding,
see some sweet concerts,
go to Israel and Greece and Turkey,
see my peeps in NYC and the Hamptons,
make some decisions,
and suddenly I was moving out of DC.

Mad packing and mayhem led to Atlanta,
and family time and a bit of work for a certain brand of pantyhose.
Then I packed up again and moved to London for the whole grad school thing.
I'm glad I took the leap.

Hope this year is the best yet for all of my loyal followers,
and maybe I'll even resolve to post a bit more in 20-11.

Happy New Year.


  1. I am that good friend!! :) Glad you posted again. Happy New Year, love.

  2. Um helloooo! It's 2011. This post was SO. LAST. YEAR.