Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long Island Shore

The Hamptons were lovely. Like a Jewish Nantucket. With coconut water and lobster rolls everywhere I turned and challah and not-too-preppy people. The house was Jersey Shore-meets-Hamptons. Bankers regressing to fratstar ways with a spinning DJ at the pool. It was a bit of a hot mess but highly enjoyable. Now I'm unfortunately back to being a PR peon and doing grunt work for Fashion Week. I'm trying to create something kind of like this
And I'm also terribly busy creating the drinking game which will hopefully maintain me and my cousin's sanity at Rosh Hashanah dinner tomorrow. So my apologies if my blogging is a bit lackluster this week. I sadly did not find my husband this weekend ( I don't think) but I will show a few pictures soon.

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