Sunday, April 3, 2011

My favorite new bodywash and a shout out to a special friend going to Greece (finally)

One of my great life regrets is not stocking up on Korres products while I was in Greece last summer. Yes, that may be beyond a white girl problem, but let the record show that I stand by my statement, because Korres stuff is awesome and obscenely cheap in Greece. Their stuff is natural and smells gorgeous and comes in cute packaging and is a win any way you cut it. They also have some adorable backstory about a mom and pop apothecary or something but I can't be bothered to google it. However I recently 'invested' in this body wash because I needed a pick me up, and even though it's only sold at department stores here it's still less than half the price of any other body wash there. And this scent- Mint tea- is tdf. (To die for. obvi. ysfkt) I think it's supposed to be a unisex scent, in that it smells like a very fresh and sexy boy, and I love it so much. So I'm excited that my friend who is going on her seriously delayed honeymoon to Greece can STOCK UP on Korres products because they are the bomb. Plus, you're supporting the Greek economy. Win win guys.


  1. Thanks friend! I'm writing it down on the notes in our itinerary. Yes, we have an itinerary.

  2. I hope it's scheduled between eat Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey at every meal and lie by the pool looking at the Mediterranean. Otherwise I'm not really with you...

  3. Yes, the itinerary is mainly to remember which island comes next. It's otherwise blank.