Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Week In

After rereading my post from my first full day in London it's apparent just how jetlagged I was. Even though my English has more mistakes than the menus of the curry restaurants on Brick Lane, I'm leaving it for posterity. And to warn everyone off of Ambien.

This week has been completely overwhelming. Finding bedding and groceries, where my various orientations were, GOING to my various orientations, being social with my dorm and classmates, and going away for the weekend with my program has me completely knackered out. I've been in a constant state of near-panic and information overload but also super excited. The program seems really great and I'm amazed by how freaking impressive my classmates are. I've had separate conversations with a Cornell grad and a Berkeley grad just trying to figure out how the hell we got in here. Still wondering. There's a guy in my course who toured the country in a band for ten years with a member of Metallica, a girl who organized the designs for the state US quarters, and more than one person who has lived in five separate countries. The non-Americans are at least trilingual, and constantly put us to shame. My dorm bestie apparently spent all weekend in the library even though classes haven't started yet, and the class clown of our group (and Wharton grad) mentioned that he's already started a Google doc of dissertation ideas. Dios mio.

I'm trying to stay calm and revel in the fact that it is not intense work time yet, and my schedule really doesn't look too bad. Most of my courses are required ones this semester but all of the professors I've met are really good lecturers and totally brilliant, and I'm in London bitches. So I'm going to start taking advantage of that. Plus the people in my course are cool, and we're already talking about organizing some vacays to Edinburgh, Oxford, and Brighton. I leave you with a pic of where I stayed this weekend, the 'royal residence' near Windsor Castle, Cumberland Lodge.

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